BIOACTIVE PEEL - $150 / per treatment   BioActive Peel works in sequential steps with the BioActive Peel Application Method synergistically and safely decrease surface roughness, treat acneic skin conditions, reduce fine lines and help minimize the appearance of pigmentation in the epidermis and dermal-epidermal interface.   $395 series of three    $750 series of six recommended       AGE SMART TREATMENT - $135 / per treatment   (for dry & mature skin) a potent does of essential vitimans that target the causes of premature aging. AN efoliant & mask includes a nourishing blend of antioxidants leaving skin noticeably firmer, smoother and revived.      MICRODERMABRASION - $150 / per treatment   Uses a specialized technology to remove dead, flaky skin cells while stimulating new cell & natural collagen production. Combats signs of aging (reduction of fine lines, dark circles, pigmentation spots & acne scaring,) creating a smoother healthier appearance.      $650 series of six recommended       PHOTO-LIGHT REJUVENATION - $115 / per treatment   A non-invasive & non-abrasive treatment using a light-based technology to diminish signs of aging, refining skin texture & tone, reduction of broken capillaries & diminishing fine lines.  Collagen production, cell repair processes & overall circulation are stimulated for a healthier complexion & overall skin condition.   $595 series of six recommended       MEN’S EXECUTIVE SKIN CARE - $95 / per treatment   Deep cleansing facial designed especially for a man's unique skin care needs. Treats skin sensitivity, razor burn, blackheads and dry skin conditions.      MEDI-BAC TREATMENT - $115 / per treatment   For irritated, acne-prone skin, brings visual relief to dilated capillaries, congested cells, blotchiness & other unwanted skin conditions. This facial uses relaxing & healing techniques that promote skin growth & health.      DELUXE FACIAL - $85 / per treatment   Customized to your needs, includes double cleansing, exfoliation, specific masks for skin type, serums, massage, moisturizing and solar defense (45 mins.)      LYMPH DRAINAGE TREATMENT - $95 / per treatment   Includes a skin care treatment and provides release of facial stress, stimulation of metabolism, elimination of congestion, reduction of dark circles and balancing  of the sympathetic nervous system.      TEEN TIME TREATMENT - $65 / per treatment   Giving today's youth (16 years and under) a Clean Start to skin care. Includes a customized treatment, education, and sample product.       CHEMICAL PEEL TREATMENT - $110 / per treatment   (for sun damaged & mature skin) requires multiple applications that gently peel away fine lines, wrinkles & dead dull cells to reveal softer, smoother, more even toned & healthier skin.      DEEP SEA BACK TREATMENT  - $125 / per treatment   Truly decadent experience with deep cleansing, body scrub, massage, aromatherapy & detoxifying deep sea mud enzyme treatments.      AROMATHERAPY - $20 / per treatment / add on only    Truly decadent experience with deep cleansing, body scrub, massage, aromatherapy & detoxifying deep sea mud enzyme treatments.      ADVANCED EXFOLIATION - $30 / per treatment / add on only    Customized application of papain/bromlain enzyme, glycolic or lactic acis used to soften, refine and more deeply exfoliate.       EYE TREATMENT DELUXE - $30 / per treatment / add on only    Refreshes tired, wrinkled, puffy and red eyes. Great for reduction of headache tension especially for those suffering from allergies & environmental stress.      WAXING SERVICES  :    (Using BERINS soft and hard wax products, the finest in professional waxing)    *Pricing variable to client needs      BASIC BIKINI   - $45    DELUXE BIKINI   - $60    PLAYBOY   - $65    BRAZILIAN   - $75       EYEBROWS   - $21    LIP   - $12    EYEBROWS & LIP   - $30    CHIN   - $12    LIP & CHIN   - $20    NOSE   - $10    EARS   - $20    FULL FACE   - $45       HALF LEG   - $45    FULL LEG   - $70       FOREARM   - $40    UNDERARM   - $25    BACK   - $70    CHEST- $55    SHOULDERS- $30        *  All Pricing is subject to change
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